Oil distributor

Oil distributor

Oil Distributor Introduction

The oil distributor is a component that delivers lubricating oil to the lubrication point according to different lubrication methods

Working Principle of Oil Distributor

When the system is pressurized,the oil is pre-stored in the oil chamber(that is,in the distributor).When the system is depressurized(the oil pump stops working),the spring force will eject the oil in the oil chamber.That is,oil is stored when pressurized,and oil is injected when pressure is relieved.This operation is repeated.

Features of Oil Distributor

1.Each flow rate is fixed to the lubrication part;

2.The flow rate is not affected by the length of oiling time and oily viscosity;

3.Oil is stored when the system is pressurized,and oil is injected when the pressure is relieved.The movement of the indicator rod can be displayed;

4.The flow rate is optional;5.It is suitable for the oil injection system with depressurization device.